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Monday, September 18, 2006

Talk like a Pirate Day - Aaargh!

Avast, it's the Talk like a Pirate Day Website

Which of course made me think about Pirates (well, no surprises there, matey!)
Our favourite pirate is of course Tough Boris, who lived in our house for a couple of years (with treasure chest and parrot)before my youngest started school.
There are tons of pirate books, but this one by Mem Fox really struck a cord - a tough, mean greedy old pirate who loves and grieves like everyone else. Pretty cool.

Image from Amazon where you can order a copy if you like. Or you could go to your library and demand a copy - if they don't have it you could make them walk the plank, Aaargh, Aaargh!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Barking Up Trees

Image from

Barking Up Trees found my newly established babble, and left me an encouraging message. The name reminded me greatly of Winston Churchill's memorable reference to "the black dog of despair" for some reason. The blog comes from "the occupied capital of America", so I'll leave rest of that thought for those capable of logical assumption.

Anyway, black dog in mind, I googled to find a new image - but I found this Great Tree instead (Gee, wouldn't have been photoshopped would it???).
Might not want to bark up it though, after reading this. I'll never look at those furry little suckers the same way again.

Oh hum, back to work. Law of Torts awaits.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Truth hurts

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OK - so hubby isn't actually an addict, but it still pisses the crap out of me when he does it... and this is exactly how I feel.